Great Writers Deserve a Great Editing Team

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Writers sometimes shy away from hiring a professional editing team or service because of a perceived high cost. They opt to give their work to friends or freelance writers at a ‘cheaper’ rate. While the constraint of resources is understandable, there are benefits to be considered for hiring an editing team. There are many facets to the writing and publishing industry. Writing and editing are two different jobs in the industry. Let us explore why this is the case.

Editing Teams Help Build a Brand

Good writers do not always sell pen best-sellers. There is a great deal or marketing and brand building that goes into making a book a commercial success. The people behind the scenes do a lot of heavy lifting, but the author gets the plaudits. Hiring an editing team helps not only to refine a writer’s work but also to build a positive image in the minds of readers. A streak of well-edited publications compounds the chances of future success.

You Cannot See Your Mistakes

No matter how great a writer you are, you will struggle to see your own mistakes. It is just in our human nature. Self-criticism is hard. Other people are better placed to point out things we could have said differently, or stories that could have been told from a different angle. Great editors will point out unique things about an author’s writing style. Such criticism is important for improvement.

A Great Edit Adds Depth

Great editors read tons of material each year. There are editors who specialize in a certain genre and become experts in plot development, character shaping, and so forth. A good writer can benefit immensely from working with a rich editing team. The editors can point the writer in the right direction to find research resources, historical accounts, inspiration, and reference materials. The collaboration results in richer work.

Editors Help Improve Technique

When starting out, most talented writers know little about technique in writing. However, working with an editing team helps decide on the pace of a story. The editing team will also decide on things such as the sequence in which a story should be told to capture attention or have the desired impact. Most writers will have a great story. However, each wonderful story requires help in production to focus its impact.

Mistakes to Watch Out For

A professional editing team will normally have worked with many writers. They can advise writers on common pitfalls to watch out for. Working with an editing team helps writers build useful relationships in the publishing industry. One can easily find mentors to show them the ropes along their writing journey.

Finally, getting an editing team is an investment in one’s craft. We should never look at it solely as an expense. Great editing improves the quality of writing, helps build confidence, and is a great way to build a brand name as a quality writer. 

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