Five Non-Negotiable Strategies for Your Eblasts

When you send eblasts out to your contact lists, make sure you have these five essentials…

  • A compelling subject line that catches people’s attention: Here’s a story that may just rock your world. Subject lines containing questions are often hard to resist: What kind of marketer are you?
  •  An opening statement that focuses on how your book, your product or service will help them: In other words, don’t promote your book, product or service, promote the RESULTS your potential client can experience: There was a time in my life when I made my business my godI have since learned that dedicating my business to God is a better way to goI dare you to read the first 5 pages of this short little parable bookAs you head into spring, take time consider fresh ways to grow and how it could determine how the rest of year turns out
  • Make every eblast personal: Always write to just one person. Your salutation should read: Dear David, NOT Hey Everybody or Dear Friends
  •  Develop a series of eblasts each with a different hook: Send out a series of 3-5 initially and then gauge response.  Pay attention to the open rate of each effort. I was in the magazine marketing business for many years.  It was not uncommon to send out 10-12 renewal reminders. Why?  As long as the last renewal reminder pulled a higher response than what my new business direct mail was doing, it made more sense (translate, was more cost-effective) to try one more time to keep an existing subscriber than to have to replace them with a new subscriber.
  • Be Specific: Avoid cliché’s and generic sounding opening lines.  The more specific you are, the more credible you are. Which sounds better: Order my program and lose weight and feel great. Or Order my program and lose 10 pounds in your first 10 days

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