Facts sit. Stories Dance…

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I’m passionate about the “power of story.” I believe story is the promotional currency of this generation. In fact, our company tagline is simply, “Sharing stories that change the world.” Some time ago I read an e-newsletter from Marcia Yudkin. Marcia is a gifted communicator whom I follow. The headline for this blog is from Marcia. I asked Marcia if I could share her comments with you here and she graciously granted permission:

In writing copy, whether it’s for your website, the dust jacket for your book, your corporate newsletter, pay attention to move beyond the facts of what you want to share and find a way to share a story.

Website “About” pages, publicity materials and promotions come to life when they shape facts using the framework of a familiar, cherished story line. Appealing narratives include:

  • Underdog succeeds. Since the days of the Bible, we love to root for David against Goliath, the unknown who overtakes from behind, the unglamorous tortoise who beats the boastful hare.
  • Metamorphosis. A caterpillar turning into a butterfly fascinates us. Just beware of too many transformations in your story. The butterfly then turning into a bird and then a monkey becomes bewildering.
  • Discovery. How did you invent, find, or formulate what you’re now known for?
  • Triumph. A goal reached, obstacles defeated, the quest completed.
  • Righting a wrong. As long as the injustice remedied was uncontroversial to your audience, this makes a stirring tale.
  •  Unexpected joy. The pitch for my “Launch Your Information Empire” course describes how in 1992, my husband and I stacked the dollar bills and checks that came in from an offer so high the piles fell over. Describe the surprising fun resulting from your efforts.

FIND YOUR SIGNATURE STORY: Stories can connect with clients where conventional marketing-speak falls flat. Discover branding that highlights your unique qualifications, intrigues perfect customers and makes you (or your company) the one to choose.

If you’d like to connect with Marcia you may do so be contacting her at www.yudkin.com/markmin.htm

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