Get a top-drawer publishing experience

and ensure your message gets the attention it deserves.

If you want a full-service, top-drawer publishing experience, then you’re in the right place. You and your message deserve more attention and care than what self-publishing can offer.

If you said yes to the above, then the HigherLife Collaborative Publishing Model is what you’ve been searching for…

If selling a handful of books to your friends is your idea of success…maybe you’d be better off going the self-publishing route. We’re not for everyone, but we are for the serious author who needs a quality result.

If you have an audience, perhaps as a speaker, trainer, pastor, counselor or coach, if you offer a professional service, or you have a message you are passionate about sharing and want to declare it to the world, then we are just what you are looking for.

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Why do most authors struggle to sell books?

As a company with more than 50 years of combined publishing experience, we have seen many authors who struggle to sell the book they wrote.

And this is because of one simple fact: If your ideal customer doesn’t know who you are, they can’t buy from you.

This is why at HigherLife, we look at getting your book published as just the first step to getting your book out to the world.

As part of our service, you will receive a complete marketing strategy and support team to back your marketing efforts to ensure your book gets sold.

The HigherLife Commitment

Our commitment to you is to provide the best of class concierge-level publishing experience.  

It’s very simple. We partner with you – bringing a full team of book designers, editors, printers, videographers, ebook and audiobook developers together to turn your message into a masterpiece – and not just as a printed book, but an ebook, audiobook, online course, mobile app, or small group curriculum if you choose.

Your job is to have a wonderful message that will bring life, comfort, joy, wisdom, knowledge, help, hope or healing to other people. Our job is to help you develop, distribute and sell that wonderful message in the best way possible.

How do I know if the Collaborative Publishing Model is right for me?

Well there’s just a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Do you have an audience you can sell or distribute copies to without much trouble?
  2. Are you looking at publishing as an investment into your brand or company?
  3. Do you want the strength and experience of a full service publisher rather than going it alone?
  4. Do you want to know your book will have the potential for worldwide distribution?

If so, then HigherLife’s Collaborative Publishing Model is perfect for you.

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What do I get with Collaborative Publishing?

  • You retain all your publishing rights
  • You pay no publishing fee, your only cost is to purchase at least 2,500 copies of your book from the initial press run…and this cost typically amounts to a 60%-80% discount off retail
  • You benefit from a full publishing team of experts: editors, designers, publishing and marketing strategists, copy editors, copywriters, who know how to take your message and craft it as well as any New York Times best-selling publishing house would do.
  • We don’t just publish your book, we provide a comprehensive, personalized marketing strategy and plan and offer the support to help you execute that plan.
  • 3 levels of editing (most companies only offer one level of line or copy editing – you deserve more than that!)
  • Multiple custom cover designs, typically 5 or more concepts before we start honing in on the best one.
  • Personalized publishing strategy – we come alongside you to understand your unique publishing goals and then work with you to craft just the right book, including title, subtitle, specification to meet those goals
  • Customized interior designs
  • World-wide distribution
  • Generous 70% Royalties
  • Author discounts on the books you order up to 95% off retail
  • Filing all your copyrights for you in your name
  • Assigning proper ISBN, BISAC and bar codes
  • E-Book development and uploading
  • We can include Audio book development and uploading, Creating mobile app editions, online course editions and small group curriculum editions of your message. 
  • Your book can be published in 6 months or less.  (Some books and resources may take longer depending upon how complex they are.)

We love helping authors craft and share their message with the world!

If what you have to share deserves a wider audience – and you are not willing to settle for having it published in a cookie-cutter, less-than-ideal way, if you desire to experience the thrill of making a positive difference in the lives of others, then I invited you to consider HigherLife.

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David Welday, Owner HigherLife Publishing

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