Is Your Website a Decision-Making Machine?

Every business has a website, but each one varies in its level of effectiveness. Does your website look like someone took a boring, static, printed brochure and posted it online? The best websites promote action, creativity, and decision-making. You want your website to be interactive – not only to provide visitors with information but to compel[…]

Publishing in the New World – Part 2

You’ve made the decision to publish. You have your manuscript and are working to have it artfully and creatively crafted to distribute and sell. Perhaps you’re self-publishing or working with a publisher. Either way, you still need to have a plan, a strategy for getting your book into the hands of the readers you most[…]

Dabo Swinney

What We Can Learn From a National Champion…

On January 9 there was a lot of whoopin and hollering going on at our house. Why? Because my oldest son David went to Clemson and so we are all Clemson Tiger fans. Unless you don’t care about college football or you just crawled out of a time capsule, you probably know that Dabo Swinney and[…]