The Forgotten Baptism

The Forgotten Baptism Your Leadership Path To Fulfilling Your Vision by: Kenneth Ulmer / James O. Davis Water Baptism, Spirit-Baptism or Something More? Did you know there is another, more ancient baptism that God has for you? It’s a baptism of vision and provision, of alignment and allegiance, it’s a baptism of blessing.   This[...]

The Most Powerful Voice

The Most Powerful Voice by: Pastor Phil Willingham Words have Power! They can build or destroy. The words you hear in your head will impact your relationships, your career, your family, even your health- all the things that matter to you the most. What words do you say to yourself subconsciously each and every day?[...]


Reclaimed by: Christy Fay The people of Israel, His people, were merely clay in the Master Potter's hands. Today, His people, are the same. "For we are God's masterpiece," Paul wrote in Ephesians. "He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago" (Ephesians[...]

The Journey of a Kingsman

The Journey of a Kingsman by: Diogo Esteves What does it take to build an incredible life legacy? As we journey through life, we encounter roadblocks, and resistance, which sometimes become cherished milestones because they teach us the most valuable life lessons. There are seasons in which life is great, and everything feels incredible. There[...]

Shaping Your Family Story

Shaping Your Family Story by: David W. Welday and James L. Coffield At last, here's a parenting book for people who hate parenting books! Every parent at times feels overwhelmed and convinced they are wrecking their kids. Some of us feel that way all the time! We want help - not judgement and a list[...]

Trailer Cash

Trailer Cash by: Jamie Smith Trailer Cash is today's most comprehensive and practical introduction to Mobile Home Park investments. In her no-nonsense guidebook, Jamie Smith shares the dos and don'ts from her own personal experience in order to supply you with everything you need to know to get your MHP business started. Key topics include:[...]

Made in the USA

Made in the USA by: Alisa Jordheim -Justice Society The book is a compilation of five true stories of adults (4 woman & 1 man) trafficked as children. Each story is preceded by an overview of the type of trafficking the story addresses and followed up by a statement from the survivors themselves. The purpose[...]

Bridging Generations

Bridging Generations by: Amy A. Castoro / Roy O. Williams Why do 70% of family wealth transfers fail? It’s a startling statistic. Years of blood sweat and tears, passion and purpose poured into your endeavors. Instead of seeing those efforts bring value and benefit to the world and to future generations, more often than not[...]