Chips Off The Butcher Block

An anecdotal, inspirational and motivational recounting of the 101 secrets I learned from the wisest man I've ever known. This book may not change your life, but it will change your mind... which may in turn change your life. About the Author: As an Author... he has written nine books, including EASY DOESN'T DO IT;[...]

Business Shorts

Time is your most valuable asset! Discover time-tested business principles in no time at all! Business Shorts is an engaging collection of short stories and timeless business principles critical for the success of entrepreneurs whether in a start up or an established small business. Told from the perspective of a life-long entrepreneur, this book is[...]


Are you living up to your full potential? Could it be that God wants to do more in and through you than you can even imagine? The choices you make today will affect your destiny tomorrow. As a follower of Christ, you are challenged to live your live differently, boldly and with expectation that a[...]

Beyond the Pitch

Life, like sports is meant to be played well. Fueled by his nearly two decades as head coach for North Moore High School's boys' soccer team in Robbin's NC, author Michael Shamberger presents soccer enthusiasts with this insightful, scripture-focused thirty-one day devotional written to encourage character and faith growth both on and off the field.Beyond[...]

Battle of Who Rules our Flesh

The struggle for holinessis a lifetime battle, but through Christ the victory is assured.Jesus told us that because He overcame the world, we also shallovercome.There are two kingdoms at work in the world today: the kingdomof Babylon and God’s kingdom. Understanding the two kingdomsis essential, for Babylon is man’s “great city of self-rule” and God’skingdom[...]

Aging Grace

Helping aging and elderly relatives can be difficult. When they come to you, it’s not only important to be encouraging and supportive, but to be knowledgeable about the best resources and options available to them. Aging Grace will equip counselors and family members with a wealth of insight and understanding that will allow you to[...]

15 Bedtime Stories that keep Entrepreneurs Awake at Night

Dave Ingram graduated from Hampden-Sydney College. He founded and now serves and as the President and CEO of Capital TechSearch, an IT staffing and Executive Search Firm in Richmond, VA., where he lives with his wife, twin sons and baby daughter. Kindle $5.99 each Buy Now Hardback $12.99 each Buy Now