Keys to the White House

Keys to the White House By: Robert Boguslaw First trained at the University of Miami in the late ‘70s, Bob quickly found himself playing piano and keyboard with various bands throughout the Miami area, eventually moving to performing on cruise ships. By the mid-‘80s, he was travelling with pop stars such as Jose Luis Rodriguez,[...]

The A Factor: 52 Keys to a Winning Attitude

In these 52 short, insightful chapters, you will learn practical, commonsense ways to adopt a winning attitude so you can accomplish the following: – Focus on what’s important in life and work – Communicate effectively with those around you – Recognize your unique value and influence – Conquer the fears that hold you back from[...]

When Angels Speak

When Angels Speak by: Timothy Holt Pastor Roland Buck was sound asleep when he felt two hands resting heavily on his shoulders. The grip on his shoulders was so tight that Buck couldn't even move. These two hands lifted him up and sat him on his bed. Then a silhouetted figure in front of him spoke.[...]

Mended: Out of the Rag Pile, Back on the Hanger

Mended: Out of the Rag Pile, Back on the Hanger by: Debbie Woods Take heart! The Master Mender is waiting not just to restore, but to add the sequins, the bows, the little touches that will make your life shimmer and shine. With humor, humanity, humility, and honesty, Debbie shares her own story and in the[...]

Tailored: Being Fit to Perfection

Tailored: Being Fit to Perfection by: Debbie Woods "Even to your old age, I shall be the same, and even to your graying years I shall carry you and I shall deliver you" (Isaiah 46:4).God's unending mending and detailed tailoring move us from pain to purpose. We are continually refitted, enhanced, and embellished as His Word[...]