The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece By: Lana Portnoy God desires that you Know Him more deeply, more intimately than you can imagine Raised in a Jewish home, filled with all the dysfunctional family dynamics common to most of us, Lana’s journey of faith has taken many twists and turns including being a Juilliard trained dancer, professional nightclub[...]

The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life

The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life By: Phil Willingham The author’s goal is to help others become aware of the destructive "self-talk" they listen; the voice that keeps them from living at the level of purpose and promise that God intends. In addition, the book will provide the reader with direction on how to[...]

Surprised By God: A Journey of Divine Discovery

Surprised By God: A Journey of Divine Discovery By: Rich Blue This book offers the reader a greater intimacy with God, a greater sense of connection with Him which will lead to deeper levels of peace, love and joy they can experience in life in both good times and bad.  The ultimate benefit of reading[...]

The Telios Man

The Telios Man By: Larry Titus Teleios is Greek for complete, finished, perfection. It's the word Jesus used on the cross when he said, It is finished. The teleios man is the finished, complete man who mirrors the perfection of Christ in every part of his life - who can set an example for generations[...]


GOD'S UNSEEN PLAN By: JAMES HOWARD Finding Perfection Only in God's Grace One man is dead, another in prison. This is not how I envisioned my life would go. I couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening. Less than a month ago, I had been living the dream of every farm boy in Texas.[...]

Service Driven Trilogy

Service Driven Trilogy By: Donald Clinebell CHANGE THE FACE OF YOUR BUSINESS, ACCELERATE PERFORMANCE AND ENSURE ITS ENDURING SUCCESS.As a leader, you want to make those around you better. The strategies shared in The Service Driven™ Leader will give you both the motivation and the practical direction you need to:• Become a standout organization in[...]


YXIST By: Andre Butler Until you get this right, nothing else makes sense. Everything in life has a purpose – including YOU!  When you get it, when you discover in specific and practical terms why you exist, why you matter, everything else in life falls into place.Why go through life slugging it out merely surviving --[...]

Why Are You Saved?

Why Are You Saved? By: David Porter Does everything really happen for a reason? You\u2019ve heard it a thousand times; \u201cEverything happens for a reason.\u201d But does it? If so, then WHY do things happen the way they do? Is God really in control? Does prayer change His mind? In this book you will search[...]