A 7-Step Formula for Creating Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch

What do you do for a living? Who is your target audience? Why should someone want to hire you? What got you into this line of work? All these questions you should be able to answer in a single sentence. Call it your value statement, or “elevator speech” (a reference to how you might quickly answer someone you meet in an elevator who asks about you and your work). If you can’t clearly articulate who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what value you bring to that particular market segment, chances are all your marketing and publicity efforts will be lost. You won’t be clear and compelling enough to stand out.

Here are seven steps you can use to craft a compelling elevator speech:

  1. Identify yourself or your company.
  2. Use a vivid verb (help, guide, teach, provide, present, aid, assist, support, give, evaluate, assess)
  3. Name the negative emotions being experienced by your would-be clients (frustrated, overwhelmed, clueless, demanding, frightened, desperate, struggling, angry, concerned, worried)
  4. Describe your ideal client (dog lovers, young adults, chronic pain sufferers, overweight women, homeowners, business owners, brides-to-be, new mothers)
  5. And describe that client’s goals (increase their profits, find the relief they need, become fit and healthy)
  6. Present a solution (discover a process, learn a fast and easy way, create the perfect solution, uncover the best method, determine the number one reason, realize the best course of action, find the dramatic solution, position themselves, place themselves first, find out everything they need to know)
  7. Add benefits – “so that they can…” (list 3 benefits: live a pain-free life, build the business of their dreams, feel they’re getting the most value for the money they pay, receive the highest value, obtain the best guarantee, receive award-winning service, receive the highest level of expertise at the lowest possible price).


  • “I help frustrated dog lovers who are tired of their dogs ruling their lives discover a simple process that will put the owner in charge so that they can finally enjoy greater times with both their pets and with friends and family”
  • “I help frustrated small business owners who want to develop a marketing program that is affordable and easy to execute and help them implement the exact strategies and tactics they need so that they can instantly generate more leads, attract more clients and generate healthy profits.”

Use this formula to create your own elevator speech and value statement. Be authentic. And make sure you can deliver on what your elevator speech promises.



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