6 Tips For Finding A Built-In Audience For Your Book

Before penning out your first draft, you should have a specific goal that you want to achieve through your writing. It could spread awareness on social issues like the negative impact of drugs, ADD medicine, or abuse of other addictive substances like alcohol and tobacco, etc.

Firstly, determine whom you’re writing the message for and how your audience can benefit from it. In case your primary purpose is to gauge the attention of both local and international readers online, the following tips will help you market your book more effectively. 

Know your audience 

The first thing you need to determine while writing a book is your target audience and those who are most likely to be interested in your stories and writing style. You need to visualize your audience and keep their likes, dislikes, and preferences in mind. It would help if you created your overall brand according to the cover, illustrations, font, title metadata, or the content and synopsis of your book. These components help to attract the attention of readers towards a particular book or a writing piece. Therefore, you need to invest both your time and effort in planning out these core elements. 

Expand your core audience

It is equally important to expand and explore secondary markets for your content. Secondary markets consist of those readers who aren’t the ideal audience for your content in terms of their demographics. Such an audience can find your content interesting due to a specific aspect or feature of your content. It can be a particular situation, a character, or an issue that can help your book become a success among secondary markets. For instance, a book targeted towards children can have kids as its core audience and parents, nannies, or teachers as the secondary market of your writing. Therefore, to make your book a success, you need to come up with at least 2-3 secondary markets for your content.

Check online content with a similar niche or topic 

Invest some time to analyze the current market trends and check out other books that are similar to your genre and niche. Look for bestselling books of the same genre that you are working in. This practice will help you in many ways. Firstly, you will know the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience. Secondly, you can make your content more unique and distinctive by coming with a writing style that is different from the one that is already popular with your targeted audience. 

Develop an active social media strategy 

After finding out about different competitor books of similar niche and genre, try to learn more about their social media marketing campaigns and strategies. Similarly, look at the posts and top comments made by followers on the page. Focus on the demographics, likes, dislikes, and other preferences of those followers to gain meaningful insights and information unattainable through direct market research practices. Another great way to use various social media platforms to gain valuable insights is by following groups, fan pages, and different online communities of readers interested in books similar to yours. You can even search through relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. 

Use other search engines

You can also use popular search engines like Google and Bing to explore various online communities, articles, and other online networks of your target readers where they interact with each other and share their thoughts, reviews, and experiences. You can also search for some top-ranking blogs that are related to the genre that you write in.

Get some online guidance

If you still find it hard to find your core audience, seek advice from other professional authors and publishers to get expert help and guidance. Even authors have their online communities and love to interact and collaborate with fellow writers to share their knowledge and experiences with them. Similarly, you can offer help to other indie authors who are looking for your expertise. 

To sum up

After finding your primary audience, you need to approach them and share your content with them. There are various methods and techniques to do so. It would be best if you searched for appropriate offline and online platforms to reach out to your audience. You can use multiple apps and software to keep track of your posts and comments. You can share meaningful posts relevant to your content and ask others to share their insights and observations. Don’t be too apparent while promoting your book on online communities and social media platforms. Avoid direct promotion of your content. Do other activities such as sharing useful tips and techniques and giving shout-outs to fellow indie writers on these platforms. – by Annika Wells

Annika Wells is an experienced writer. She began her writing career with Techvando. Although she enjoys writing about a variety of topics, health care is her passion. She enjoys educating people and readers on how to live a healthier and happier life.

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