With so many books on the market, how do you stand out?

With this book, you will find...

  • Expert Tips to build a sensational marketing strategy
  • Guidance on how to increase the opportunity at sales
  • A Strategic Blueprint for every week of the year

So you’ve written a book – or are about to. Congratulations!

As you have likely figured out, getting a book published is only half the battle. Just because you have a book doesn’t mean the world is beating a path to your door.

On the contrary, the availability of digital printing and ebooks has made it cost effective for more people than ever before to publish a book. There are upwards of a million new books released every year and you can find most of them on Amazon! With so many books on the market, how do you stand out?

How do you get your target audience to notice you much less be convinced they want to spend their money to pay for what you have to say? Good book marketing is a process. This free ebook is designed to give you help and direction – something you can do every week of the year to help get the word out about your book. Will you have the time or interest to execute every idea we share in this resource? Probably not. But if even just one idea helps you connect with your target audience and put your message into the hands of someone you want to help, then I think making this helpful resource available to you will be worthwhile.

Of course, along your book marketing journey you make get stuck or have questions. Let me know! I’m here to help. I love working with people who want to make the world a better place through the messages they write and want to share. Let me help you experience the thrill of making a difference. I offer author coaching packages at various levels and price points. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me for more information. You can go onto our website and download our Free Publishing Questionnaire. Just don’t stay stuck doing nothing. You took a lot of time and energy to write your book. Let me help you get it will marketed and sold!

The HigherLife Difference

"I want all to know just how amazing the HigherLife team is.  As a first-time author, I was masterfully led through uncharted territory into a place of confidence and success for both my book and the necessary re-branding of our non-profit. HigherLife was committed to our success on every front, challenging us to “think outside the box” and creatively flourish. We listened and we did!"

- Alisa Jordheim, The Justice Society

"I am so grateful to have been able to work with the team at Higher Life. They really went the extra mile to ensure my project was completed with the greatest quality and attention to detail. I never felt like “just another client” but instead formed great business and personal relationships with the whole team. I highly recommend using Higher Life for your next project!“ 

- Christy Fay, Author & Speaker