Two Words You Must Always Be Asking

When you have something important you want to communicate with an audience, I’ve learned there are two very important words you need to constantly be asking yourself. By asking these two short words, you will help ensure that your website content is more riveting, your book cover copy creates more interest, your direct mail doesn’t[…]

Keeping Your “Other-View” In Focus

I recently came back from a financial success seminar hosted by two clients we serve, Ryan and Jamie Smith. It was three days filled with wit, wisdom, and tons of practical insights on wealth-building strategies for these tough economic times. Interestingly, one of the things I picked up that has stuck with me the most[…]

My Top Ten Character Traits for Success…Part 1

For years now I’ve done new employee orientations where I share with new hires some of the core values that I have observed that make the difference between being an average person and a stand-out person. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a senior executive, or just starting out on your career path, I believe that[…]

Say it Simply

In a world that is increasingly cluttered, complex, and confusing, the organization that figures out how to simplify its message stands to win. Think about the most memorable ad slogans that you can recall: “Just Do It,” “Tastes Great, Less Filling,” “Live Better, Save Money,” “We Do Chicken Right.” Coming up with just the right[…]

The Long Road to Becoming an Overnight Success

Nearly all successful people will tell you that becoming a success did not happen overnight. The guy who now earns $25,000 every time he speaks, or the woman who seems to routinely hit the New York Times bestseller list with every new novel she releases—these folks didn’t get there overnight. Yes, there are exceptions to[…]

The Emotion of Your Message

Emotion sells. It doesn’t matter how many great statistics and compelling, rational reasons you have for how your product or service is better than somebody else’s, the simple truth is that a strong, emotional appeal will likely work better. Sure, some people are more left-brain, logic-oriented and tend to make their buying decisions in a[…]