The power of your story

Individuals, businesses, and organizations all have a story to tell. Whether you're an author, non-profit leader, or a CEO, we believe in the power of your story to change everything. How well that story is understood, embraced, and shared is crucial to your success.

HigherLife is here to help...

Contagious Brands

Your brand is the story you’re telling the world, and it needs to be authentic, clear, and compelling to get passed around. Our proven Creating a Contagious Brand process allows you and your team to come into alignment around the true power of your brand.

Collaborative Publishing

We publish stories that make a difference. Retain your publishing rights and benefit from a full team of editors, designers, marketing strategists, and even ghostwriters who know how to develop and distribute your message well and in multiple, media-friendly formats.

Story Marketing

How do you cut through the noise of our media-saturated culture? Even the most compelling stories need to be heard to be effective. Our Story Marketing Strategies help you leverage the power of your story to effectively connect with your target audience… and get results!

Consulting & Coaching

Even when you are good at what you do, it’s easy to find yourself stuck in the weeds of running the day-to-day. Find out how our Organizational and Leadership Coaching and our Publishing Coaching programs can provide the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

We love helping our clients experience the thrill of making a difference!

Publish Your Book

You need a publishing partner who understands the latest technology, market realities, and marketing strategies.
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With close to a million new titles published each year, competition for sales and exposure is tremendous. Traditional publishing doesn't work or isn't available for the vast majority of authors. Fewer than 5% of books are published this way. You spend months "pitching" your book before finally giving up and choosing another path. In the meantime, precious exposure and sales have been lost.

What about self-publishing? Most authors who go this route wind up with an inferior product with little to no real marketing strategy or support. A potentially great message gets improperly developed and, as a result, sales and impact are diminished.

Consider HigherLife's unique collaborative publishing model as the ideal balance between traditional and self-publishing. You retain your rights and benefit from a full team of gifted writers, editors, designers, and marketing strategists who know how to artfully craft your message. Our work is customized and tailored to help you achieve your specific goals and reach your unique audience.

  • Traditional Publishing

    High barriers to entry | Lose your publishing rights | Minimal marketing support | Focus is on publisher sales | High development quality | Copies you buy cost you more | Slow process

  • Self-Publishing

    Low barriers to entry | Keep your publishing rights | Minimal marketing support | Focus is on author direct sales | Typically poor development quality | Copies you buy cost less | Fast turn-around

  • Collaborative Publishing

    Low barriers to entry | Keep your publishing rights | Significant marketing support | Focus is on author direct sales while providing bookstore distribution | High development quality | Very reasonable rates on author copies | Fast to medium turn-around


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Our Team

HigherLife has assembled a staff of accomplished professionals who help you experience the thrill of making a difference. When we need help helping you, we manage a network of trusted contractors who have a proven track record of exceeding our high expectations.
David Welday
David Welday
President & Strategist
David is an out-of-the-box thinker, gifted communicator, marketing strategist, publisher, author, and coach. He has delivered 500+ percent growth for nationwide periodicals, developed New York Times bestselling authors and created award-winning curriculum resources for both for-profit companies and non-profit ministries. Read More
Michelle Buckley
Michelle Buckley
Director of Operations
Michelle has been involved with operations management for over 20 years. She brings a diverse work background to HigherLife including experience in banking operations, government, real estate, human resources, education, paralegal, and the non-profit sector. Michelle has been married over 28 years and has two amazing full grown sons.
Erik Guzman
Erik Guzman
Marketing Consultant
Erik’s experience in multimedia, marketing, and management spans 27 years. He started work in broadcasting when only a junior in high school. Since then, Erik earned an undergraduate degree in mass communication and an MBA. He is also the author of The Seed: A True Myth. Erik and his wife have been married 22 years and have three children.
Will Hadley
Will Hadley
Marketing & Special Project Managment
James Smith
James Smith
Web Developer
For over 10 years, James’ commitment to web development, online marketing, and customer service has established him as a dedicated businessman. He has consulted for and works with companies in many industries. This allows him to provide a wide variety of applications that work with businesses of any size or focus.
Laura Boman
Laura Boman
Project Manager
After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Auburn University, Laura had a seven-year career in newspapers before moving on to complete her MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University. She also served as a content manager for a digital advertising firm. Laura’s strengths include building relationships with clients and her ability to bring creative projects to fruition. She is pursuing a PhD in marketing at the University of Central Florida.